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Hatsuko Endo beauty studio & esthetic

Brand Story

Hatsuko Endo Brand Story since 1905

Both 100 years ago and today.
Pursuing feminine beauty in Ginza.

Making Japanese women beautiful from the inside.
It all began from a single desire.

Advocating a novel concept of modern day beauty therapy known as "the facial care arts", Hatsuko Endo established Japan's first comprehensive beauty salon in Ginza.

From cosmetics and beauty supplies that give birth to naturally-beautiful skin, ground-breaking kimono fittings, hair and makeup treatments that bring out individuality, dress rentals, bridal wear design, wedding dress sales, and more...

Hatsuko Endo has continually offered pioneering, innovative solutions, and has played a central role in female beauty for over a century.

Interweaving a modern touch and refined techniques with warmth and tradition passed on from the early days...

Both 100 years ago and today.
Hatsuko Endo continues its pursuit of feminine beauty as the top brand specializing in comprehensive beauty.

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Facial Care

From the idea that true beauty is only born from first taking fundamental care of the skin, Hatsuko Endo began advocating Japan's first modern beauty therapy — "the facial care arts". At the time, the term for this novel concept caught on and it would eventually lead to the facial beauty therapies of today.

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In the 7-chome area of Ginza in 1905, Hatsuko Endo opened Japan's first comprehensive beauty salon combining the previously separate fields of hairdressing and bridal kimono fitting. From that day on, spanning over a century, feminine beauty has been pursued in Ginza, which remains the center of Japanese culture.

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Bridal Wear Rental

Despite the harsh times of postwar Japan which saw a shortage of clothes and other goods, Hatsuko Endo refused to give up on making brides their most beautiful. In response to the demands of many women, Hatsuko Endo began a bridal wear rental service — a custom foreign to Japan at the time.

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The Marriage of the Century

In December 1958, the third generation Hatsuko Endo along with the recently named fourth generation Hatsuko Endo were contacted by the Imperial Household Agency and received official appointment as the beauticians to Princess Michiko for her wedding to the Crown Prince scheduled for April the following year. With Japan in a festive mood, the two Hatsuko Endos played a major role in the Marriage of the Century.

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Bridal Wear Design

Unsatisfied with ready-made bridal wear from her point of view as a beautician, the fourth generation Hatsuko Endo remained fixated on the 'real deal'. In 1965, together with the most highly-skilled artisans, Hatsuko began creating bridal wear. At the time in Japan, a beautician creating bridal wear was a game-changer.

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Comprehensive Beauty

Adding bridal wear rental and sale to the beauty therapy techniques refined since the beginning, Hatsuko Endo has evolved into a top brand offering comprehensive beauty solutions dedicated to making women their most beautiful. Today too, Hatsuko Endo continues to contribute to the beauty of Japanese women across numerous fields.

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